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IGN: BlueFyreMatt
3 months ago

Example SMPMatt terrain generation

SMPMatt is a publicly available subscriber server for BlueFyreMatt running Minecraft Purpur 1.17, where both regular players and subscribers can play survival vanilla minecraft, with a twist. The server is fully open to the public, with subscribing to BlueFyreMatt on Twitch (Or donating through the store) available as an option for those who enjoy the server and want some additional features.

The server has been built from the ground up with performance in mind, and is therefore as lightweight as possible, whilst still adding fully optimised features for players that create an interesting experience. In game progression is purposefully restricted to tie into the progression of the main storyline, as well as ensuring a level playing field for players that don’t join at the beginning of the season.

Although the server is storyline driven, keeping up with this storyline is not necessary and understanding the storyline simply adds to the players experience rather than controlling their knowledge of certain features. AKA if you don’t want to care about the lore, you don’t have to!

The map is 50k x 50k with structures, terrain generation, ore generation and cave generation all being fully customised to provide a unique experience to players. Without wanting to spoil too much before release, an example of this terrain generation has been left at the top of this post.

SMPMatt is an exciting project, and we look to release staff applications, and a public alpha server within the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for updates here very soon!

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