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IGN: BlueFyreMatt
2 months ago

SMPMatt Alpha has now officially been opened! The server will run for the next month as we test out configs and balance important things like the server economy. In its current state, the server is running Minecraft Java 1.16, with land claiming, land selling, jobs, McMMO, and much more. Since it's an Alpha release, please remember that things will be changing regularly so we can balance each feature and make sure things are in top condition for the launch, sometime around July!

During this Alpha, honest feedback is super important to me, if you have any comments about the mechanics of the plugins, or the gameplay at all, please leave them in the forums on the website here:

Following this alpha, I plan to launch a full version of the server in July, but this time may be affected by the release date of Minecraft 1.17 (Currently scheduled for "Mid 2021"). The full version will come with all the plugins on the alpha (provided that they all work ok!) as well as a custom map, and a storyline to progress along with.

I'd also like to say a quick thank you to everyone who takes part in this Alpha, even just by playing and not giving feedback you're providing us with important data that we can use going forward! I hope that things go smoothly, and I'll make sure that the map along with your builds are available to download at the end of the month once the alpha is closed! :)

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